Heliconia Rostrata    

Heliconia Rostrata


Agricultural Amenities

Currently, the property is actively farming the following:  Tequila agave, Thai ginger, sugar, papaya, thai basil, lettuce and tea.

The fruit orchard includes:  Banana, papaya, lychee, Tahitian lime, avocado, mango, starfruit, Cara-cara orange, Mineola tangelo, honey tangerine, Seville orange, Eureka lemon, Clementine orange, ruby red grapefruit, blood orange, cacao, breadfruit, and miracle berry.  

Ornamental trees include:  jacaranda, royal poinciana, monkeypod, ice cream bean, blue marble, narra, kamani, be still, shower tree, dragon tree, bottlebrush, plumeria, lochoso, joy love flower, ponytail palm, ohia, over 12 varieties of palms, Italian cypress, hala, cook pine, 6 varieties of timber bamboo and textile bamboo.

Flowering and decorative plants include: several varieties of hibiscus, heliconia, and decorative gingers, euphorbia, azalea, protea, terrestrial orchid, snow bush, plumbago, mock orange, bougainvilla, croton, jabatacaba.

Natural forests include:  allspice, cinnamon, macadamia nut, lilikoi (passion fruit) coffee, eucalyptus, loquat, and guava.

Active reforestation of native Koa trees is ongoing throughout the property.